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More wedding pictures

I’ve been going through more of the pictures from my brother in law’s wedding and I wanted to share some. Enjoy!!

I can’t believe I’m posting this one!!! At J & M’s house we set up the camera on a table and took this one. Not the best but it documented us all being together.

The boy’s getting ready for things to start. Don’t they look happy!!!

M’s pretty dress

A prayer during the ceremony

The gorgeous cake that Aunt H made. It was yummy too!

In their own world

This is how my kids ended up by the end of the night. If you look close you can see L’s feet at the top of the image. They all ended up behind that table and didn’t wake till we left.

It was a really good night. I was in the moment while we were there but as I look back now I wished I had taken more pictures. Especially of the kids. I didn’t get very many good one’s and then they all ended up sleeping. Oh well I always say at things like that I don’t want to be the girl with the camera I want to enjoy what’s going on. I did!! 🙂

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