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No Power :(

I didn’t sleep very well last night in anticipation of getting my teeth out.  I go through all that get ready this morning and just as we were dropping the kids off the office calls and says they have no power and can I come tomorrow.  Thankfully I wasn’t in the middle of the procedure when the power went out!  So I have to go through the whole process again tomorrow.  I was practically sick while getting ready.  I was hungry as you can’t eat for 6 hours prior to surgery and I get terribly nervous about that kind of stuff.  You wouldn’t think I’ve given birth 3 times and can handle the pain.  The dentist seriously scares me.

On a good note though I will be able to announce the winner of the blog contest tomorrow.  Should be exciting so tune in to find out who the winners are.

Gotta run but I’ll be back later 🙂


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