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I’m feeling very sad today. My cat that I’ve had for 14 years got outside on Friday evening and is gone. She hasn’t come back and I haven’t seen her at all. I have no idea what happened to her. I’m missing her very much though. She has just always been there.

I was in the 9th grade when I got her and she traveled with me to the many apartments I lived in during my young adult hood. She used to sleep on my pillow before I got married, I think she doesn’t like J so hasn’t slept there for a long time!! LOL Every evening while I’m working on the computer or just watching TV she was either in my lap or on the back of my chair. I’m going to miss her VERY much.

Every time I go outside I think maybe she’ll be there to greet me. I wonder when I will stop hoping she shows up? There is still a small sliver of hope as it’s only been a few days but I just have a bad feeling. 🙁

This is the last pic I took of her chillin on the back of my chair.

missing :( (by ~Ellen~)

I know it’s not very tragic in the grand scheme of things and I know that, however it’s nice to get my feelings out about it. Maybe just maybe she’ll come home. I’ll for sure let you know if she does.


Would love some cheering up comments 😉


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