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This truly has been an amazing week! I just can’t believe it sometimes!!! lol I had a session on Thursday (sneak peeks to come later) when I arrived home my son ran outside and said “mommy I found Callie”! I kind of laughed and said no way! J came out and said it’s true she’s down cellar eating right now. I ran inside and low and behold my cat who had been gone for 2 WEEKS was sitting in the basement! I was shocked. She is super skinny and was so happy to be held. She’s doing much better and has been eating and I’m so happy she’s home. I just couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure she was dead! Where on earth does a cat go for 2 weeks? I guess we’ll never know. It’s just awesome!!

The next awesome thing that happened this week was I got notification from the fair. Remember I sent in two images to the State Fair Photography competition, well…. I WON!!!!

The black and white image of the baby in it’s mom’s hands won! I don’t know what I won and I don’t think I will until I get to the fair sometime next week. How cool is that. I was not expecting to win anything. They do a First Prize, 2 second prizes, a 3rd prize and 10 honorable mentions! So even if it got an honorable mention I think it would be awesome!!!! I’ll keep you all updated on what I actually did get when I go down there, I’ll take a pic of it there at the fair!!!

Even more awesome was that good friends of ours had their baby this week! Yeah for them! They had a beautiful baby girl and I will hopefully be doing her pictures very soon. Everyone thought she was going to be a boy (just instinct not ultrasound) except me, I always called her by the girl name they had chosen. I was so glad to be right!!! They are so happy and just will make great parents! It was such a blessing the whole thing, God was watching out for them. The amniotic fluid was very low and mom had to be induced but God was awesome and everything went smoothly and the baby is healthy!

So that was my AWESOME week!!! I just wanted to share! And if you happen to get to the Great New York State Fair next week, look for my picture!!!!


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