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Booking a session – After looking over my site and deciding I will be a good fit for your needs feel free to call me or send an email (  I usually reply to email faster (I’ve got 4 kids and phone calls can get noisy!) but am happy to chat with you on the phone as well!  We will decide on a date and time that works for both of us and then I will send you an email with lots of information regarding your session.   The Session fee is due one week before your session (I accept all major credit cards for your convenience and will take payment over the phone while booking).  If I don’t receive the reservation fee then I am unable to hold your date and time!  Always, always feel free to send me an email or call with questions, my iPhone is pretty much an extension of my right hand!  Communication is key in me giving you the best photography experience!

Proofing and ordering – A few days after your session I will post your sneak peek here on my blog as well as on Facebook.  Feel free to share those images with your friends and family but please do not copy or print them illegally, also make sure to leave my logo intact on the images.  Approximately 2 weeks after your session you will come back for your ordering appointment.  You will meet with my myself or my assistant and we will guide you through all the products I offer and help you choose your images.  Orders will be due that day so please make sure to have all decision makers present for this appointment.  It is also VERY important you keep this appointment and not reschedule it unless absolutely necessary.  This helps keep my workflow on track and ensures that you get your images in your hands in a timely manner!  We will do the best we can to work with your schedule so you can come back at a time that is convenient for us both!  After your ordering appointment I will design any Art Series images or albums, and then send your order to the lab.  Your order will arrive approx 2 weeks after your ordering appointment.  We’ll call or email you to let you know that they are here!

Maternity Sessions – They should take place between 33-36 weeks.  Those weeks are the most comfortable for mom but yet you have a big enough belly to look pregnant!  Please bring 2-3 outfit changes, comfortable clothing is key.  Try not to wear anything with elastic on your belly for a few hours before the session. Try to avoid loose fitting clothes and bring clothes that show off that baby bump instead.  Black stretch pants or yoga pants are classic and go with anything.  For those of you going with the bare belly shots a cute pair of pre-pregnancy jeans are super cute with them left un buttoned.  I also have a few wraps and scarves to really show off your pregnancy belly!  For my maternity sessions I try to limit it to just mom and dad, however if you would like a couple shots with a child that is fine.

Newborn Sessions – They are best done before baby is 2 weeks old.  I know it can be hard to get out of the house before then but if you want those snuggly, curly baby shots earlier is better.  When you arrive for your session if we are doing naked baby shots I’ll have you undress him or her and then snuggle in a blanket while you feed to get them content.  It’s important that baby has a full belly regardless of the last time they ate.  We probably will have to take a break here and there during the session for you to snuggle and feed baby again as well.  It is highly likely that myself and my backdrops will get soiled during the session…that is perfectly fine and happens ALL the time….so please don’t worry about it or apologize!  Feel free to bring an extra change of clothes for both mom and dad just in case 😉  Newborn sessions usually last about 1-3 hours so please be prepared with all the necessities for that long.  Also feel free to bring any props you may have with you, I have an assortment of hats and things but always love photographing new things!  During the session I run a heater to keep baby warm and it gets super hot in the studio, I also tend to focus on what I’m doing and not talk a ton while I’m actually shooting.  Feel free to just relax and mom can even catch a nap or read a book if she wants 😉

Senior Sessions – These usually take place the summer before your senior year.  It’s best to book early since there are only about 8-10 weeks available for these.  Clothes: Bring a variety of outfits that fit you well including a classic outfit (medium to dark tone) to use for your traditional yearbook pose. Avoid the following: clothes that are too tight or extremely loose fitting, clothes with words, stripes, and loud patterns.  Dress from head-to-toe and don’t forget to bring accessories!  Hair: Style your hair in a way that best represents YOU! If you plan on getting a haircut, try to schedule it a couple of weeks out so that you have time to manage any dislikes. Keep in mind that a cut may reveal untanned skin during the summer. We also recommend the use of hairspray to tame loose ends that may catch light and reflect in a portrait. Guys, please sport a fresh shave. Five o’clock shadows cannot be retouched.  Makeup: Make-up should be worn no heavier than you would for an evening out. Even if you don’t normally
wear make-up, we suggest a light foundation or powder to reduce shine and even-out skin tones.  Powder is great for even guys to use, and yes we promise no one will ever be able to tell you’re wearing it! Heavier make-up applied near the end of your portrait session is fun for dramatic black & whites.  Grooming: Trim, file, and remove old polish from your nails. Lather on lotion to avoid dry looking, patchy skin.  Glasses: To avoid a reflective glare from your eyeglasses, opt to wear contact lenses instead or ask your
optometrist about borrowing an empty pair of frames that match your style.  Watch out for tan lines!   Most sessions consist of studio and outdoor images.  Senior sessions can take up to 2 hours if you want both studio and outdoor.

General clothing suggestions – Try not to stress about what to wear for your session.  Wear what you are comfortable in.  Everyone doesn’t have to be wearing the same blue jeans and white shirts, mix it up a little but keep everyone in the same color scheme.  I have a variety of backdrops that will go with almost every color.  If you have any other questions just give me a call!





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